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Discover Unparalleled Craftsmanship -the Finest Leather Finishing Tannery in Zimbabwe, Expertise in Cattle Hides and Exotic Skins

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Exquisite Mastery of Cattle Hide Finishing and exotic leather tanning


Zambezi Tanners was originally established as an exotic leather finishing tannery in () Later, having perfected the exotic leather tanning process, they expanded to include cattle leather creating Matobo Tanners. Through many years of tanning experience we have built a highly skilled team that has amassed over () years of expertise. Based in Bulawayo, the tannery has serviced much of Southern Africa’s exotic skins and is trusted by () .

Matobo Tanners have finished countless leather variations including those used for shoe uppers, upholstery, splits and many others. Our skills have been honed over the years, resulting in a vast array of capabilities in a wide variety of finishes and leather kinds.

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Transforming Cattle Hides and Exotic Skins into Timeless Masterpieces


When it comes to premium materials for upholstery, shoe uppers, and splits, few can rival the enduring appeal and quality of cattle leather. With its rich history and unmatched durability, cattle leather has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice among discerning individuals. Cattle leather continues to be a premier choice for upholstery, shoe uppers, and splits due to its durability, luxurious aesthetics, comfort, easy maintenance, and sustainable nature. Whether you’re furnishing your living space, seeking high-quality shoes, or looking for reliable material for splits, cattle leather offers a winning combination of timeless elegance and practicality. Embrace the enduring charm of cattle leather and enjoy the benefits it brings to your surroundings and personal style.